The EU Referendum in June will it Happen?



When David Cameron came back to power he had promised a referendum on whether UK should be a part of the European Union. The main question will be : ” Should United Kingdom remain with EU or not”. The Yes/No has been changed to Remain/Leave in the new form. Meanwhile cameron is negotiating with other members of EU for a better deal if UK has to remain with EU.

When is the referendum? – If the negotiations go as planned the vote could be as early as June 2016. Various leaders of the EU have agree to the deal in Brussels in February 2016 if the deal goes on floor before summer 2016. However Cameron wants to hold it in June. If the migration crisis continues there are fears that the referendum could be to leave the EU. A recent survey indicated that the referendum will be really close with opinions changing every hour.

What doe it mean for UK and EU? – The referendum means a lot for European politics. The EU has been struggling with crisis all over Europe very much highlighted by the much publicised Greek crisis. The UK economy is looking up and UK is in a position to dictate terms to the other members. As per the manufacturing association of UK remaining out of EU can be beneficial for the economy. However Cameron is a shrewd politician and will surely come up with a deal which the UK people will grab and remain with EU. That is expected as per the mood as of now.

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