The Economist Case Against Brexit

As the Brexit referendum date approaches I want to discuss the economic implications of leaving the EU. As you know I am heartily in favour of remaining and in this blog I will focus on the economic arguments… Read More

The EU Referendum in June will it Happen?

  When David Cameron came back to power he had promised a referendum on whether UK should be a part of the European Union. The main question will be : ” Should United Kingdom remain with EU or… Read More

Britain: Will it pull out of European Union?

The recent developments in Britain where there will be a vote to decide the fate of ties with EU is really worrying.  It might be the beginning of the break away. Many other countries are awaiting the result… Read More

Rise of David Cameron

Amidst all speculation David Cameron trounced his rivals in the recent UK elections. He retained his office when all the public polls were saying otherwise. What does this mean for the European Union? It only means one thing,… Read More

A New EU President

While this year is coming to an end, I am looking back at my first five months of this blog and I hope you are enjoying this little project as much as I do. A lot has happened… Read More

EU Immigration and the UK

When I follow the news on David Cameron’s plans regarding the EU and immigration all I see at the moment is a poker player who manoeuvred himself into a game with way too high stakes and can’t get… Read More

Eastern European

One of the issues puzzling me most in this current wave of anti-Central and Eastern European country scare mongering is that we are actually driving away out natural allies within the EU. Basically, you have two camps of… Read More

David Cameron

David Cameron is currently trying to change a fundamental rule of the European Union: the guaranteed freedom of movement ( Within the EU, every citizen is allowed to live and work wherever they want. If a young lad… Read More

Referendum on Scotland

After just getting through the referendum on Scottish independence, the next big referendum is looming on the horizon: To leave or not to leave the EU, in 2017. The law that allows for this referendum has just passed… Read More


Dear Reader, welcome to my blog on everything related to the EU, the UK and especially the UK within the EU. My name is Betty, I am 27 year old and a financial broker in London. Most importantly,… Read More