Some facts and Myths Tackled.

A view of the EU member state's flags
I get a lot of comments from friends and colleagues about EU membership and I thought this might be a good forum to expose some of them as the myths they are and others the truth of the matter.

Bureaucrats run the EU:

No they don’t, the EU has fewer employees than some of our British councils. All decisions are taken at EU Brussels but not made by Brussels. The member state representatives make all policy and European legislative decisions.

Is the EU democratic?
Yes I think it is. All parliaments receive EU proposals for debate and discussion prior to any decisions made by their representative. Each Government appoints it European Commissioner. The Commission then needs to be approved or dismissed by the European parliament. Remember from 2014 you will help decided the commission President by voting in the European Parliament elections.

Britain is different from the rest of Europe.
I particularly dislike this comment, so arrogant and colonial in my view. Margaret Thatcher once said that the French are no less French for being in the EU and the same is true for us. All countries are unique to themselves and that is recognized and respected by the EU, we all treasure our history and our culture, the EU does not seek to change that it seeks to improve the quality of life for all its member states.

We are drowning in Red Tape.
Rubbish, having one set of regulations across 28 countries is a vast improvement on 28 different sets of regulations, in my view anyway!


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