Rise of David Cameron

David Cameron

Amidst all speculation David Cameron trounced his rivals in the recent UK elections. He retained his office when all the public polls were saying otherwise. What does this mean for the European Union? It only means one thing, that people of UK want to stay with European Union. Cameron is a leader with av vision for UK and the EU. He is already planning to go to France and Holland to build support for the changes he wants for the benefits of all.The right mix of conservatism with economic freedom.

This is the first time in UK that people have risen above local politics and voted for a better tomorrow.EU needs UK to stay with it for the whole of Europe to be a strong force in the world.People who know Cameron vouch for him because he fights for issues of UK along with the vision for a greater Europe. He will  most probably push for tougher rules of migration inside the Euro zone. It will help protect the UK citizens from the lesser countries of Europe who will want to take undue advantage of the referendum. On one hand he is empowering the UK citizens against some serious reforms for the greater good.

he is also up for voting whether UK wants to be a part of EU. Already he has made it clear that pound will stay as a separate currency. David Cameron also wants that UK should remain with EU but of course with certain liberty for the UK citizens.

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