Paris Attacks: What do they mean for Syria?

13th November, 2015 saw one of the biggest act of violence in France, since the end of World War 2. ISIS took responsibility of the various bombings and shootings that occurred all around Paris, claiming that it was a retaliation against France, which is currently involved in NATO’s fight against the terrorist organization that has taken control over Syria.

The civil war in Syria does not remain a localized problem any more. It has spread to the rest of the world- after all, millions of displaced refugees have been moving to other countries around the world. Moreover, the plight of these refugees is being undermined by the acts of terrorism committed by ISIS. This is a complex political situation- one that does not have any easy solution.

ISIS and Syria

Currently ,the stance against ISIS has certainly solidified, and the Paris attacks have provided the French governments with a legitimized reason to bomb Syria (which they did in the days following the attack- levelling down whole Syrian cities). On the 2nd of December, the UK parliament sat down to vote- to decide whether they should also start bombing Syria.

However, there are a million reasons why this would be a bad idea- bombing Syria does not help end the civil war, or efficiently bring an end to ISIS. ISIS comprises of millions of members (many of which are actually European, as well). Their scattered nature is what has helped them create an aura of omnipresence and omnipotence, and that cannot be controlled by mere bombing. The long-term solution to this would involve equipping the local Syrian and Kurdish army for the fights- for they are the ones who will be able to put an end to the war- after all, they are the ones who have been on this right from the beginning.


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