What is the Future After Brexit – Theresa May’s Vision

Future after Brexit

We’re living in a topsy-turvy world, and the future after Brexit seems to be one filled with financial instability as well. It seems as though Brexit could also lead to Scottish independence and that Brexit will bring the British economy spiralling downwards. Cabinet ministers came out for a ‘hard Brexit’ – a willingness to deal with businesses in Europe under World Trade Organisation rules as opposed to through a single market. It is believed that a ‘hard Brexit’ will make things worse for the country‚Äôs trade. The global environment is volatile and businesses, the government and ordinary households will all be paying higher interest rates on money coming from abroad. Nonetheless, Theresa May admits that while difficult times lie ahead, she is optimistic about the future after Brexit for Britain in a topsy turvy world. Nothing is clear for Britain yet except that it is going to be far more difficult disengaging from the EU than that most leaders in the country predicted.

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