EU and UK – Friends or Enemies

All those stories of Brussel’s bureaucrats coming up with the most ridiculous ways of annoying us Brits, of taking away our traditional ways, forcing us into the ‘continental’ way of doing things. Oh, don’t we love to hear these stories and spend hours in pubs complaining about the crazy Europeans?!

How Beneficial is handshake for UK?

How Beneficial is handshake for UK?

While it is really easy to look up whether any of these myths are true, they still get told and are widely believed. Why do we not send them into the waste bin of history, where they belong? Instead we seem to be adding new false myths to the pile of already existing ones, just think of the ‘waves of immigrants’ that we are currently supposed to be really afraid of. Are we all so delusional and mistrusting that we rather believe any story the Sun or the Guardian can cook up? Collectively, we a so good in questioning the powers to be, including what the media tries to make us believe. I think this is one of the great characteristics of the British people. But as soon as the topic turns to the EU, we stop thinking and go with our (negative) instincts alone. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this!The EU has seldom been a progressive union. British pound is still going strong. There is no need to get rid of our currency but the EU experts say otherwise.

Recently UK had to pay for the unrest in Greece. Do UK people deserve such treatment. A political change seems to be the only answer.

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