Business news for April 2016

Business news for the week

If you want to find more about current business news, stay with us because it seems that there are a lot of juicy details to find out. Popular sites reported that Mitsubishi Motors has finally admitted that its employees falsified and manipulated fuel economy data for more than 600,000 vehicles on the Japanese market. After the scandal in early 2000, the car maker has been struggling to regain customers’ trust, but it seems that dark days will last for this multinational car maker. This will definitely be the most important business news in April. BBC News reported that Saudi Arabia asked international banks for help to recover from the recent losses. This will be the very first foreign loan after 25 long years of prosperity. It seems that the oil income, which represents the main source of the country’s revenue, fell 23% during the previous year. Therefore, the country has no other option but to look for help from abroad to deal with low oil prices which, by the way, have fallen by two-thirds since mid-2014.

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