Britain: Will it pull out of European Union?

What if Britain left EU?

The recent developments in Britain where there will be a vote to decide the fate of ties with EU is really worrying.  It might be the beginning of the break away. Many other countries are awaiting the result of this famous vote. It is true that Denmark, Sweden and many other nations do not want to be burdened in the aftermath of the Greek crisis.The regional agreement has been financially good, they help you with payday loans.

But will it be so easy? For Britain it is not tough. There are many reasons behind it.

  • British Pound – In spite of the Euro as a currency the Pound has been still running well as a currency. Rather the Pound is stronger than the Euro as a currency. You just need to see the exchange rates to realize this fact.
  • Little dependence of Europe trade – Britain’ trade is more global than local. Hence it will be hardly affected if it exits EU.
  • Free trade can continue – There might not be much change in free trade if Britain exits. It might continue to reap the benefits but refrain from the ills.

These are some of the reasons of the British exit being beneficial for the UK itself. But there may be some bad effects of the pull out as well.

  • Breaking of EU – This is the most fearful thought. The exit may trigger many other countries going the same way. This may not prove good for the Union.
  • Weakening of Euro – The exit may also have a negative effect on the common currency Euro. It is already facing stiff competition from the US dollar and this exit may further weaken it.
  • Effect on others – The exit may affect other countries of the region. Britain has been a strong member of the EU and when it will not be active it will affect the other members.

So what is going to happen? Will Britain pull out or will it not? The question has many guessing and the result might be a surprise. Just wait and watch.

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