Brexit was a mistake says, Carwyn Jones

Brexit was a mistake for many reasons

Brexit was a mistake. The decision to hold a referendum on the European membership could be one of the biggest political errors by a United Kingdom prime minister in the last century. The desire of the UK to leave the Union was largely provoked by xenophobia. Just like a divorce between humans, the divorce between the EU and the UK is not going to be easy. And it will be very expensive. The Brexit court ruling challenge hands Parliament the opportunity to delay or even halt the process of leaving the European Union. Britain has entered a global economy, which is already fully exploited and there is no rightful place for Britain. They have to trade with the EU and the EU wants to make an example of Britain, to discourage other countries from leaving. This is bad for both parties. Brexit will unsettle the global economy and possibly tip it into recession. Brexit was a mistake, because it will also increase uncertainty and undermine future confidence.

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