A New EU President

While this year is coming to an end, I am looking back at my first five months of this blog and I hope you are enjoying this little project as much as I do. A lot has happened in the EU this year and even more here in the UK. You know by now that I feel very passionately about how we portray and debate the EU in our country and that I am less than happy with much of the negativity that goes on. So, to end the year on a good note, I’d like to point towards an exciting new EU development: the EU has a new President.

For some it might actually be news that the EU has a president as this has only been the case since November 2009. And, of course, the EU President is not quite a ‘nornmal’ president like the US or French one but actually the head of the European Council, which is comprised of all heads of member state governments and the President of the EU Commission. The EU President is less of a power-wielding cowboy and more a strategic position to steer the decision-making within the EU. Depending on who has the post, this person is potentially decisive.

Donald Tusk and Herman Van Rompuy

For the first five years, until last Novemeber, the Belgian Herman Van Rompuy had this post. Well, lets say he wasn’t the person to take this position to its full potential. While Rompuy certainly is a dedicated European, he never managed to become a power broker. The new President is the Polish Donald Tusk. And I expect a lot from him.

Tusk has been the longest lasting Polish Prime Minister, which should tell you something about his strategic skills. And he is a man who believes in the good of the EU without ignoring what goes wrong. A bit of fresh wind in Brussels — I hope 2015 will be a good year for Tusk, the EU and all of us.


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